Consultancy / Advisory Services / Certifications

Governance Advisory

The firm handholds its clients to achieve high levels of corporate compliance and governance. It is worth mentioning that the Companies Act, 2013 has adopted a Governance based approach in conducting the affairs of the company. The Companies Act 2013 casts direct responsibility on the Board of Director for all corporate compliance and internal control systems. Corporate Compliance Management advisory and execution provided by SVVS adds substantial business value to the client. The systems and processes advised by us facilitate corporates to achieve high levels of compliance with regulatory and statutory requirements, risk management and governance.

CSR Consultancy

We design your CSR program strategically for you to reap rewards of reputation and engage stakeholders along with creating an impact on social issues that matter most to your business. We have subject experts to provide value additional services to corporate houses. You can avail our advisory and consulting services to seek counsel on legal compliance under CSR, Smart CSR investments, employee pro-bono and volunteering strategy and road mapping, Monitoring and evaluation of programs, and Impact assessments. The following services are offered by us:

CSR compliance, Policy drafting and advisory - We undertake end to end management of compliance, ensures appropriate documentation and disclosures including drafting of CSR policy, engage and support CSR committee, ensuring disclosures in Board Report, minutes of meetings and website of the company. Our experts ensure that all your CSR is in accordance with Companies Act, The CSR Rules 2014 and any other prevailing regulation.

Selection of entities registered for undertaking CSR activities - Through our due diligence process, we assess NGO’s credibility and ability to deliver and sustain programme on the ground. We ensure that our partners are trusted and committed to social development. Our NGO partners function at the grassroots level of the social issues and have direct access to beneficiaries, even in remote areas of the country.

Designing and monitoring CSR program- We make sure that your CSR initiatives are implemented in an ethical, effective and efficient way. Also ensuring that program design reflects local developmental needs and creates sustainable value for communities, turning your CSR strategy into reality. Monitoring ensures that desired objectives are met and the project is on track as per the agreed budgets and timelines.

Management Consultancy

Having an effective board means ensuring that internal practices run at the level they should and is the basis of a successful business. We offer a range of board consulting services, from compensation analysis to talent development strategy. Our advisory board consulting team are available to not only enhance your board, but also to make sure its members use best industry practices, as well as prioritize diversity and inclusion solutions. With our unparalleled access to and knowledge we provide following services-

  • a) Acting as advisory Board Members
  • b) Acting as Independent Director
  • c) Acting as Resident Indian Directors for subsidiaries of Foreign Companies

ESOP Consultancy & Certification

We offer all services regarding ESOP as a one-stop-shop. Our services include Advisory, Preparation of Policiies and Schemes, and Implementation thereof. Based on the needs of the organization, we help build long term incentive plans that are best suited to the organisation as well as its employees. We also have associate HR Advisory and Law firms that provide market analysis, employee compensation analysis related matters for plugging into the Scheme. We also issue certificates, after conducting due-diligence, to be submitted to Stock Exchanges by listed companies

Consultancy for IPO

IPO is a dream of most corporate promoters. However, before working towards an IPO, the company has to ensure that (i) the internal compliance systems are robust, (ii) all statutory records are complied and preserved properly, and (iii) all non-compliances are rectified and cleaned up. This involves painstaking efforts in hand holding the company to make it IPO ready. We are specialists in such exercises, and you can bank upon us for making the company IPO ready.

Stock Exchanges Compliance & Certification

Company secretaries are recognized by SEBI and Stock exchanges for certifying various submissions made by Listed Companies. SVVS undertakes such certifications upon verification of relevant documents and conducting appropriate diligence. We also help listed companies in installing internal control systems for Listing Compliances and help in achieving higher levels of compliance with respect to SEBI (LODR) Regulations, 2015.

Due Diligence Certification for Banks

In order to strengthen the information sharing system among banks in respect of the borrowers enjoying credit facilities from multiple banks (consortium and multiple banking arrangements), the Reserve Bank of India requires all banks to obtain regular certification by Company Secretaries, regarding compliance of various statutory prescriptions that are in vogue from time to time. The firm undertakes such diligence and certification exercises also.

SVVS acts as a bridge between banking and borrower clients because of the expertise in banking, credit management, charge administration, due diligence and good governance. The transparency with which due diligence is carried out enhances the comfort level of banks as well as the borrowing corporates.

Representation Before Regulatory Authorities & Tribunals

The Designated Partners of SVVS are experts and authorities in multiple domains. The wealth of domain knowledge helps the firm in defending many cases of clients where specialized domain knowledge in capital markets, insurance, financial services competition law etc are essential.

SVVS represents clients before regulatory authorities like Securities Exchange Board of India (SEBI), Competition Commission of India (CCI), Regional Director of MCA etc. and quasi judicial bodies such as Securities Appellate Tribunal (SAT), National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT), and Competition Appellate Tribunal (COMPAT).

Mergers & Acquisitions

Companies Act 2013 empowers the National Company Law Tribunal (NCLT) with the jurisdiction of High Courts in context of restructuring schemes. This is a commendable step in the direction of simplifying merger / amalgamation/compromise processes through courts. The firm undertakes all corporate restructuring schemes on a turnkey basis where coordination with multiple authorities like Registrar of Companies, Official Liquidator, Competition Commission of India, Securities Exchange Board of India, Stock Exchanges and other Sectoral Regulators, is required.

The networking and contacts of the Designated Partners pave way for clinching many deals in the M&A sphere. The legal acumen and competency of SVVS enhances the quality of execution. The capabilities developed by the Designated Partners over the years enable handling all M&A matters, end to end, in the most systematic and professional way.

FEMA & RBI Matters

We provide services for foreign direct investment, Govt approval including FIPB, RBI for entry for business in India by foreign companies, ECB processing and compliance thereof, setup and closure of plants, projects, branch, representative office, compounding of offences and Applications under Foreign Contribution Regulation Act (FCRA).

Advisory on Start Up & Make in India

Start up India is a program to boost entrepreneurs and ventures with disruptive and innovative idea including technology initiatives however, many entrepreneurs hit against imponderable and are led to take incorrect decisions on entity structures capital formation, borrowing investments and above all regulatory compliance. SVVS hand-folds the entrepreneurs in all aforesaid areas and help them enhance enterprise valuation.

Make in India is a campaign by GOI that aims to consolidate foreign investment in India thereby creating job opportunities. Our presence in Delhi and NCR region helps us to cater to the needs of the Foreign Companies wanting to establish business place in India. The expertise of SVVS’s partner succor Foreign Companies for the management of painful legal and regulatory compliance in India.