Based on the recommendations of the Risk Based Supervision Task Force constituted by SEBI, there has been a significant shift in the focus of regulatory supervision of market intermediaries. SEBI aims at providing a combination of onsite and offsite monitoring of the intermediaries by SEBI and SROs. The Exchange mandated half yearly internal audit of stock brokers has doubled up as a strong measure to address various systemic and customer centric risks.With FMC merging with SEBI, the regulatory requirements for commodity derivative broking will gradually get synchronized with those of stock broking. The synchronization process has already been initiated by SEBI and the results have been evident at the grass roots. It can be safely expected that all commodity derivative brokers also will be subjected to the half yearly internal audit as in the case of stock brokers. SVVS aims at providing stock broking and commodity broking audits through an online audit platform 'eGavel Audit' of our associate company. This will ensure considerable reduction in non-compliances and in turn will result in transparent audit trails, thereby giving a total comfort to the top management and the Board of Directors.

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